RobStan Visuals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mendenhall Associates, Inc.

folly   Folly (click here to learn more)
In 2007 Stan and Robin Mendenhall built a three story Folly in their extensive gardens. The Folly, with its territorial views, has become the focus of many gatherings, as well as the site of premiere performances of commissioned works. Click on link above to watch a short video that documents its creation, and the projects that have been presented on the Folly.
  Movies (click here to watch)
The movies of RobStan Visuals are a complement to the publisher's newsletter, Orthopedic Network News. In general, they investigate the comedic aspects of orthopedic technology, the relationship between industry, hospitals, physicians, and patients and the unlikely extremes that may result from the current healthcare environment.

  Orthopedic Cartoons (click here to view)
Orthopedic Network News maintains an unlikely tradition, namely that of the longest running cartoon series based on obsolete orthopedic implants. Started in 1991 on a whim, cartoons have appeared in all issues of Orthopedic Network News on a quarterly basis. The publisher's wife, Robin Wilt, is the artist.

  Posters (click here to view)
These Orthopedic-themed posters were created by Annie Gallup, Robin Wilt and Helen Gotlib. They include hip, shoulder, spine and trauma implant images, as well as movie posters, Orthosongs poster, and orthopedic cartoons. Click on link to view posters and to download full size PDFs to print.

  OrthoSongs (click here to listen)
Although Annie has become an illustrator of medical devices, she is still a performing singer/songwriter, having released 10 CDs and written hundreds of original songs. Her songs are described as "spoke folk," and combine her "song-length works of fiction" with inventive musicality. Her most recent CD, "Weather," is a collection of songs arranged for voice and string quartet. She also has composed and recorded a collection of topical songs about implants, which is available for listening here.